What are your requirements to rent a car?

  • 21 years or older
  • Proof of active auto insurance
  • Deposit  ranges from $200-$1000

Do we provide Auto Insurance?

No, currently we do not provide car insurance for rentals. Renter must have an active auto insurance policy at the time of the rental duration. Most insurance company policies carry over to rental car vehicles for the duration of your rental period.

How much is the Deposit?

Deposits vary depending on:

  • Insurance Deductible
  • Driving History
  • Major Credit Card Type
  • Credit History

We take all of these aspects into consideration to get you on the road with little or no money for a deposit.

  • Deposit  ranges from $200-$1000

Do we offer Delivery and MCO Airport Delivery?

Yes we do deliver to MCO for a fee depending on the time and date. Currently we do not delivery to guest locations, you may pick up from our location.

What are Methods of Payments?

Payment Methods are:

  • Major Credit Cards
  • Vemo
  • Cash APP
  • Cash
  • We do NOT accept Checks

We take all of these aspects into consideration to get you on the road with little or no money for a deposit.

How many miles come with the car?

  • 100 Miles

All cars come with an industry standard of 100 Miles a day. Overage in miles will cost $1.99 per mile. You can purchase miles ahead of your trip for .99 cents.

What are our hours of operation?

9am – 5pm EST

We do business outside of these hours if your flight arrives before or after that but it must be scheduled a day ahead. A fee may apply if your business falls outside of standard business hours.

How soon can the car be ready for pick up?

After all verification and paper work is done you can pick up the car as fast as you can get to us.

Do we allow 1 day rentals?

We do allow one day rentals during the week however if you book the car on Friday, or Saturday there is a 2 day minimum rental. We do also judge every situation on a case by case for example if you are only in town for 1 day we may charge you and additional half of day in exception.

What about Fuel and tickets?

Any fines or fees incurred during the rental will be automatically charged and processed on the driver’s driver’s license on file. We charge $5 a gallon if fuel isn’t returned with the same amount at the beginning of the trip.

Rules when Renting the car?

  • Must obey all posted speed limits*
  • Do not smoke or drink in the car
  • Do not Race the car or take the car off reading
  • Car must not go pass 100 mile radius from the pickup location
  • Car must be returned in the same condition as the beginning of the trip

*Cars have a GPS monitoring system if you are driving reckless the vehicle will automatically shut down and a tow truck will be dispatched to pick up the car. We have a device that monitors hard excessive braking and rapid excessive acceleration. Also the device statistics will be sent to y our current insurance provider.